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SpoonFish Salmon - end of series

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Fish hook

Technical characteristics

4.1 cm for 7.7 g
3.7cm for 3.7g

Tips for use

Quick recovery, short break, energetic entertainment
- In linear interspersed with breaks.
- Or high sawtooth cane.

detailed description

This is the easiest undulating spoon we offer for sale, and is also the most aggressive.

Very massive and long, it throws very far, beating distances when casting, especially for the 7.7g. In addition, this spoon has a very aggressive stroke, entering into a semi-rotation on a rapid recovery. Due to its very high density, you will not waste time: it sinks very quickly to the desired depth, while undulating nervously as it descends. This is THE product to irritate salmonids. Quick recovery, short break, energetic sawtooth or even linear animation, everything suits him as long as there is no nervousness in the movements. This simplicity in the animation makes it a lure for both beginners and experts, targeting active fish which will react by hunger or reflex.

The speed provided by this spoon means that you don't waste time: you fish for biting fish while prospecting or on the spot (in a lake). On an outing this summer in high altitude lakes, this spoon brought me back around ten trout measuring 25 to 38cm in the space of an hour, while my comrades who fished more slowly with manié were less lucky.

If the fishing is complicated, it is better not to persevere with the SpoonFish and switch to an undulating FLIT.

Today, we offer you this spoon available in two sizes. The result of extensive research into the colors, they are made by hand and protected by a thick layer of varnish with a brush which will preserve the colors. The minnow (black), fario and similar colors are very effective whatever the environment. The blue one is to be used at the start of the season in cold waters. Flashy colors but also black minnows are sure sources in tanks. Choose 4g for rivers, and the heavier one for mountain lakes and large rivers. Whether in rivers or mountain lakes, they never leave the box.