Nos prototypes en cours... ;)

Our prototypes in progress... ;)

New features are being created! Pyrénées Leurres&Co is constantly seeking to renew itself and create new, ever more efficient and innovative products for fishing. But before we can offer them to you, there are many hours of work for the design, testing and modifications to be carried out in order to give these products a high quality in terms of efficiency and aesthetics.

Do not hesitate to regularly check this blog which will be updated as you go :)

Our trout lure prototypes:

For trout, we have remodeled existing models or created lures from scratch to offer a wider range of possibilities and therefore more flexibility for big river fishing.

The Sleepeur in 60, 70 and 80mm

Much longer, more solid, suitable for jerking in large rivers in currents or calms... and already validated!

Sizes 60 and 70 will be released in 2024. For the moment, we have problems with the 80mm... the research continues!

Vendetta 2.0

New design with an eye, more differentiating and homogeneous with the other swimming fish from Pyrénées Leurres&Co.

It keeps the same stroke as the original Vendetta.

    Jointed for large rivers

    75mm articulated lure, it swims very energetically but hasn't done any big fishing yet... which won't be long :)

    Our prototype lures for predators:

    Head to the predator, where our first hard models make their appearance:

    Articulated swimbait 140mm

    Diving 80cm below the surface, it swims quite tightly.


    Not personally being a fan of Poppers, it is the partners who tested it and who are apparently delighted :)


    It is the predatory lure that satisfied us the most. Never shy especially on perch, but he also caught black bass and pike.

    It is Slow Floating, bordering on Suspending (in treble hooks), which allows you to pass very slowly through submerged trees. It measures 60mm with the bib (46mm without).

    Hybrid spinnerbait

    In resin, it swims well but has a small problem... the fish is at the top and the paddle at the bottom. I think there is a slight balancing problem :')


    It's a small floating crank of 2g for small predatory fish.

    The new colors

    Thanks to our new machine, we have the possibility of making colors that were impossible for us until now.

    Our fishing rod prototypes:

    L’Occitane UL

    3-10g, fast, casts made easier by the assembly... yup, everything you need to know here !

    It will be more than just one model, we are now working on the entire Occitane series which will be available in several ranges:
    • the UL in 3-10g (Fast light, 210cm, for streams and small rivers)
    • the L in 5-15g (X-fast, 210cm, for PN in large rivers)
    • the M in 5-21g (Fast, 210cm, for predators)
    • and the travel300 in 5-25g (MF, 300cm, 4 strands, for mountain lakes).

    These new products should expand our range and allow you to be efficient and always effective in any situation.

    We aim above all to keep you informed of our progress on new developments, but also to allow you to express yourself. The prototypes presented above are from our ideas, but we would also like to consider yours! So do not hesitate to contact us to present your opinions and your desires, we will make sure to take them into account and if possible, make them come true!

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