The Pyrénées Leurres&Co team:

Axel 😁 Founder and Engineer ENIT

Good morning,
My name is Axel, 24 years old, from Comminges in Haute Garonne and still a student: after 5 years at the National Engineering School of Tarbes, I registered for the Student Entrepreneur Diploma for the year 2022- 2023, which will allow this great business project to continue.
A fisherman since I was little at OCD under the teaching of my father and wanting to explore other horizons, I gradually started lure fishing for a little less than 15 years now. These are two complementary techniques for fishing more or less different routes, and that's why I continue to practice them both.
After leaving in 2020 as part of the Erasmus program in Portugal in which I studied renewable energies and eco-responsible businesses, something clicked. I decided I could share the things I learned in my passion: fishing. After talking about it to my family and teachers, Pyrénées Leurres&Co was born, offering lures made from biosourced and biodegradable resin.

Eric (Axel's dad) - Vice world champion in toc fishing

I present to you my dad Eric, Vice World Trout Champion on natural bait by team and the first French person to have individually beaten an Italian at the world championship in Italy.
A few words: "Although an OCD fisherman, I have followed Axel since his last years by slowly learning lure fishing, mainly with a spinning spoon. I still try to use swimming fish regularly. Today, I help my son every day to test and improve his products, and to answer his questions, especially when choosing new colors."

Timéo (Tim Fish)

In writing...

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Jérôme (TV fishing rod) - Trout tester in rivers and canyons

Good morning,
Let me introduce myself: Jérôme, 33 years old and stationery warehouse salesman. A fisherman since I was little, sitting on a box :) with my dad, I tried the live fisherman without being excited. After a break of a few years for studies, I started again more than two years ago, with lures.
When I got back into my passion, I had to watch tutorials on YouTube to choose new equipment, and one thing led to another, and that made me want to launch my own channel to share landscapes and fish. “I want to do something different.” The goal of my channel? Share my passion and offer better quality content, which requires investing in new equipment.
“In leisure, you must above all have fun!”
I find Axel's lure idea brilliant, and it makes me want to help the project develop. So we share ideas, product advice. I also take care of testing the prototypes and part of the communication, in the form of a video on my channel. Finally, representing a brand is priceless for a fisherman, it is a source of pride and a daily challenge.
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Damien (Tiny's Fishing) - Spoon tester

Hello Loulous! I'm Damien but better known as Tiny's Fishing from my YouTube channel. I am 35 years old and I am a team leader in a welding workshop. Passionate about predator fishing, I specialize mainly in spoon fishing. My favorite fish are black bass and perch.
I started fishing at the age of 4 with my father who taught me everything he could know about fishing. We always fished together with lures until I was 18. But my father died in a motorcycle accident and I stopped fishing because I couldn't see myself going without him... Then 3 years ago, my best friend discovered a passion for lures. I didn't want to go back to fishing though. Then I took his rod once... then twice... then the taste of fishing returned almost instantly. Of course, I had to look for MY catch. UL? Bigbait? Fly?.... For a good year and a half, I went through all styles of fishing. Then I found my voice with the spoon and more precisely in UL. I love feeling the vibrations at the end of my rod. 😁
MEPPS already has its place in the world of lures and its reputation is well established. I always told my best friend that I would like to find another brand of spoon, preferably one made in France. I already had my eye on "Dundee Spoon" which makes magnificent spoons. I was looking without looking too hard and then I came across one of the Pyrénées Leurres&Co publications. And there, it was "love at first sight" let's say... The guy, he makes spoons, lures, everything while paying attention to the environment. In addition, he is very open and attentive. It's great ! I am against sponsors and partners. I didn't make a YouTube channel for that. But with what I'm going to launch on my channel, with Axel by my side, it really reenergizes me and I have at least one goal.
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Mickael (Micke s'Trout) - Trout tester with PN and spinning spoon

Hello to all friends, my name is Mickael born April 19, 1989 in Lons le Saunier in the Jura. Today, I am a roads agent at the departmental council and a DJ evening host as a second job.

I started fishing at the age of 10 thanks to my father who taught me all his best practices, which therefore made lure fishing and especially spoon fishing my favorite type of fishing.

What made me want to go further with Pyrénées Leurres&Co is having the possibility of presenting biodegradable lures because I am very sensitive to the proper functioning of rivers with regard to the pollution that surrounds it as well as be able to diversify my fishing with this type of lure.

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David ( CanabieraBerret - Rodbuilding made in South-West ) - Rodbuilding tester and advisor

My name is David, I am 42 years old, I come from the South-West of France. I work at Toulouse airport. I started fishing at the age of 8 with my grandfather, an uncle and an aunt. They often took me fishing for minnows and gudgeons in a small stream near the house. And this passion never left me even if I had to put it aside for a few years, during my early professional career.

But once I returned home, I quickly started teasing the fish again. I got involved in my local fishing, walking into my aappma's office and following social media. I mainly practice fishing with lures for predators such as pike and pikeperch, but I also love going to the Pyrenees to track down the trout of the Neste. I recently started fishing in mountain lakes. I always wanted to make my own cane. With the rise of the internet and the freeing up of markets, finding equipment is easier and I was able to make my first rod a few years ago. I enjoyed it as much as fishing! I put together my little chain to make rodbuilding more readable but also to show that it is ultimately quite simple.

Thanks to social media, one day I came across a post announcing something new. Biosourced resin lures. This was my first contact with Pyrénées Leurres&Co. I immediately liked the concept. I shared the post. Bought a few lures and one thing led to another, I made friends with Axel, who is not shy of advice and who is someone who is available and very involved.

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Michael (Mika crankbait)

My name is Mika aka Mika Crankbait, 39 years old, I have been passionate about fishing since my childhood and for 2 years I have had a YouTube channel where I share my experience of lure fishing through tests and trout and predator outings. .

I started with fishing for trout with toc, and then with spoon fishing and today I track down all the predators with lures, I have a preference for ul fishing, that is to say ultra Light.

I first discovered the Pyrenees Lure & Co site thanks to a Lolo subscriber because I love lures created and made at home because they have that little extra that you can't find elsewhere. Lolo introduced me to Axel with whom I got on well. I signed a partnership contract and I am super happy to be part of the adventure. I will help test and promote his lures through feedback, posts, videos in order to help him in his work.

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David (Lure 2 Fish)

Hello wolves! I'm David, I'm 39 years old and I live near Clermont Ferrand in Puy de Dôme.

I am the technical manager of a municipal swimming pool and I am lucky that my working hours allow me to have all my afternoons free. I might as well tell you that I take the opportunity to go fishing quite often.... almost too much according to my girlfriend 😂

I fished a lot as a child with my parents. One sunny weekend and presto, we were going for a picnic in the countryside, by the water. Rod in hand, I followed my father and my mother (my sister preferring to sunbathe in the grass), to try to flush out lady fario in magnificent streams on the plains or in the mountains. As I grew up, I left fishing aside, preferring drunken evenings surrounded by friends. It was not until 2015 that this desire to find myself at the water's edge took hold of me again. Since then, this passion has never left me.

My technique? Lure fishing! Hard, flexible, metallic....everything goes!

Like many of us, I decided to create my YouTube channel (Lure 2 fish) to share my fishing sessions on video. I take great pleasure in it. This allowed me to make lots of interesting encounters with passionate subscribers, or simply with other “Youtubers”. What a blast! It was therefore also through social networks that I got to know Pyrénées Leurres&Co. Thanks to my friend Mika Crankbait, I was able to meet Axel at the start of 2023, who had a stand dedicated to his brand at the 2023 fishing show. If there is a species that I like to fish , it’s trout. I was immediately excited when I saw all the lures he had created! What innovation! Biodegradable products are important when we spend a lot of time exploring lakes and rivers and are likely to leave lures at the bottom of the water.

Sooner or later, we will have to be accountable to our dear planet, and I am proud to say that through my passion and my commitment to Axel and all our partners, I am part of this beautiful project that he created with ardor and conviction.

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Fisherman Friends


I am Tristan GIUDICE, I am 22 years old, I work in the management of aquatic environments in the Ariège watershed. I am passionate about these environments and recreational fishing. I am part of the trio of best friends “the fishermen friends”. I started fishing thanks to my father who is a big fishing enthusiast. I had barely started walking when I already had a fish in my hands. I fish for trout with lures and flies in rivers and mountain lakes. I also fish for predators with lures. I fish at sea, with lure and bait. And I'm getting more and more into carp and I don't forget coarse fishing 😁

Why do I/we support the project? It’s simple, we are sensitive to the environment through this passion and our jobs. It is a local, young and environmentally friendly project. It never makes me happy to leave equipment in the water. And knowing that I will reduce the impact on the environment is a conviction. Finally, I would say that it increases the pleasure of fishing tenfold when you participate in the project. It is a project for the future in the world of recreational fishing.

Tristan The fishermen friends.


Hi all ! My name is Brice, I am 21 years old. I discovered fishing with my family from a very young age. I subsequently joined the ferry fishing option of the Ariège fishing federation. During these years, I perfected my skills and I was able to meet my two friends Guillaume and Tristan with whom we created “les_amis_pecheurs”. An Instagram account based on sharing our common passion “FISHING”.

In a professional setting, I completed a BPJEPS recreational fishing sports instructor course during which I was able to improve on a large number of techniques. Regularly practicing fishing with predator lures, fly fishing and nymph fishing on our Pyrenees, I met Pyrénéen Leurres&Co during a predator fishing competition.

Working in partnership with a biodegradable lure brand is for me a great honor and the future of recreational fishing. This is why the fishermen friends will be behind Axel to help him as best as possible to develop his brand!


Hello, my name is Guillaume, I am 22 years old. A fisherman since I was 16, I discovered fishing in high school thanks to an option for the baccalaureate. I started with lures then I learned coarse fishing a few years later, then toc and last year I started with flies in order to be able to adapt my fishing to each environment and season.

I support the project because given the first results of the lures produced, I think there is potential. In addition to that, I prefer to buy local products rather than bringing them from the other side of the world. Most will say it's because they are biodegradable but for me even if they weren't, I would still have supported Pyrénées Leurres&Co.

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Benjamin (Peach Passion 31)

I am the youngest river, I am 22 years old from Carbonne. I have been fishing since I was 4 years old. My father first introduced me to coarse fishing because it is a technique where we catch a lot of fish quickly and easily.

Subsequently, he took me to a large river to improve my fishing techniques. Toc drifts in natural bait to start. I quickly developed a taste for river fishing and that's why I wanted to learn other techniques such as lure fishing. It was thanks to my training at the Pamiers agricultural high school that I became crazy about fishing. We have a fishing option every Tuesday afternoon so every other Tuesday, we had either theory or practice. Since then, I have learned more and more about this technique and tried to make myself.

I support the project because I think the idea of ​​creating a lure that disintegrates is really great. Reconciling fishing and nature preservation will be beneficial for future generations.

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Thibaut (fisher_and_fish) - multi-species and technical tester

My name is Thibaut, I am 16 years old and I am a student in Drôme.
The passion for fishing came to me from a very young age, notably through my grandfather. Over time, I turned to tracking salmonids with lures, even if fishing for predators remains one of my favorites. I particularly enjoy fishing with metal lures (undulating and rotating) but also with swimming fish in order to explore small mountain valleys more quickly.
Being part of Pyrénées Leurres&Co allows me to have another vision of fishing today. I feel more involved in the protection of our rivers through biodegradability, which is hardly found on the market. And I also find it important to highlight a French and partly hand-made brand because these are forgotten areas...

Nicolas (The Fishermen 76)

My name is Nicolas and I am a young fisherman. My favorite fishing methods are lure fishing for predators but also for trout.

I support the company Pyrénées Leurres&Co for several important points, the main ones being the production of the lures carried out manually but also the construction in biosourced and biodegradable resin, which means that the swimming fish better respect the environment, nature and the corners of fishing for years to come.

I am originally from Normandy which allows me to have access to certain rivers which flow into the sea. This allows the rise of certain migratory fish and therefore to test the effectiveness of lures on this type of fish. that some fishermen do not have the opportunity to fish.

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David (The Fisherman of 64)

For my part, I am David, 22 years old and I am from Pau. I started fishing at the age of 8 thanks to my father. I started with cork fishing, then I discovered Toc fishing and thanks to YouTube videos and fishing stores which did a lot of dissemination and communication on this, I started fishing with lures since 2016 .

I live near several rivers in which I started fishing, and over time, more and more pollution, less and less fish, made me decide to join Axel's project through his brand Pyrénées Leurres & Co. Concerned about waste and the irresponsibility of others towards our nature, I am assured that Axel's eco-responsible brand goes in the right direction for the well-being of our fish and our environment.

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