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Pre-order - Occitane UL

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Technical characteristics

Main technical characteristics:

- 210cm carbon Xcross Toray
- 3-10g
- Fast with maintaining flexibility (Japanese style)
- 2 strands
- Weight: 150g
- Ring assembly allowing resonance, animation and throwing precision to be correlated

Secondary technical characteristics:

- Blank Luresport in carbon Xcross Toray
- SeaGuide rings for better transmission of animations and keys, coupled with anti-tangle technology helps limit wigs on the tip
- High-end “Burl” wood handle linked to a Fuji reel seat, very ergonomic and providing a luxurious and elegant aesthetic appearance
- Comes with a removable lure hook

Tips for use

- Suitable for twitch type swimming fish, small jerk (up to 7-8g, beyond that it is no longer fast enough), rotating spoons No. 1 to No. 3 or 4 (depending on the brand), and for scratch fishing with soft lures or wavy lures up to 8g. More occasionally, lures between 8 and 10g can be used.
- For streams, small and medium rivers

detailed description

Pre-order until July 1st inclusive, free delivery between August and September.

Notes: the rods will then be available excluding pre-order (within 3 days) at the end of the year at the price of €199 excluding delivery.
After almost a year of design and testing, today we present to you the Occitane UL, our first fishing rod factory-assembled by qualified professionals! It is the first in a series which will allow you to catch trout and predators in different environments. But it's secret... ;)

It is an Ultra-Light rod in 3-10g and with a length of 210 cm. The longer than average handle (23cm between the reel seat and the butt) avoids fatigue: the rod is wedged under the arm.

L'Occitane UL is a rod intended for fishing streams, small and medium-sized rivers. With its fast action (but not too much towards the MF) and its atypical assembly (with an additional ring), it is suitable for twitch type swimming fish, small jerk (up to 7-8g), spinning spoon ( number 1 to 3 or 4 depending on the brand), and for scratch fishing with soft lures or wavy lures up to 8g. More occasionally, lures between 8 and 10g can be used.


The Luresport brand Blank is of the Xcross Toray type. It is a different braiding of the carbon sheet, used instead on the upper layers of the blank. It serves as reinforcement which provides more solidity with stronger mechanical properties and also a nice aesthetic touch! The taper of the blank ensures a comfortable reserve of power if necessary, without compromising the pleasure of the rushes.

Note: The problem with acting too fast is that stalls are common and casting into crowded areas can be difficult. This is why we added an additional ring according to Fuji specifications: it allows us to adapt the action of the rod in order to obtain excellent fluidity and precision when casting, while keeping the natural resonance of the blank for a optimal quality of animations. The cane is intuitive by being an extension of your arm.

The SeaGuide rings are as close as possible to the blank (short rod) for better transmission of animations and touches. The anti-tangle technology is pleasant in fishing action. On the reel side, you can use sizes from 500 to 2000, the most optimal being a size 1000.

In terms of aesthetics, the high-end wooden handle and the Fuji reel seat ensure excellent ergonomics in its handling, and also a chic and unique appearance! Each element is different due to the grains of the wood.