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Fario sleeper - end of series

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Fish hook

Technical characteristics

Swimming depth of approximately 40 cm linear
Discreet noisemaker

Tips for use

Upstream or ¾ upstream: linear, with lots of small strokes of the tip, allowing it to take up the veins of water. Ideal for slowly passing over edges, roots and obstacles.

detailed description

Lure based on a biosourced and biodegradable resin:

- EN71-3 standards (children's toys)

- REACH and ROHS certification

- Not classified as a dangerous substance for the environment

Tested for a year, the Sleepeur is a perfect trout lure for summer and its low, warm waters. It is a very technical lure based on Japanese “twitching” models, a far cry from the use of the Vendetta. But how effective it is! It is not uncommon to do lightning trips with 15 mesh fish, for those who know how to use it... (see the Facebook page or the blog for the summary of the trips).

This lure is slightly noisy thanks to two balls also ensuring the transfer of mass during casting, thus increasing precision. And this is the most important: the objective is to place the lure flush with roots, blocks and obstacles. Once on the post, it remains to reel at the same speed as the current by making numerous strokes of the tips. These will unhinge the lure, almost on the spot. It is very static fishing, almost drifting, as close as possible to the caches allowing the most timid fish to be dislodged, encouraged by the signals emitted.

The Sleepeur will be fully effective in small and medium-sized rivers in the heart of summer. Sinking, it allows you to fish hollow in pools or more quickly in beaches and small currents. The fact that it swims downhill also gives it a huge advantage: it remains attractive for longer on the drift. What a godsend for a quiet trout under its root to see a sick minnow coming towards it!

With a swimming depth of around 40 cm linearly, it will go everywhere, whether in holes with 1.5m of water, or at the bottom of the beach in 10cm. Just play on the recovery speed and on twitch.

Concerning the colors, we recommend the minnow, fario and natural colors which are very effective in the water. Special mention for the minnow color which, on its glittery sides, loses us with a deep dark black spot. The green color can also be tested in water of a similar color, such as in the Verdon. It is also possible to bring it back to linear with pauses, but this animation stands out well in tank with a flashy color.