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UL origin - hand assembled

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Technical characteristics

Main technical characteristics:

- 203cm in RX7 Toray carbon
- 2-7g
- 2 strands
- Weight: 130g
- Ring assembly making it easier to throw in a crowded environment while correlating resonance, animation precision and sensation during fights

Secondary technical characteristics:

- Blank Rainshadow (USA) in RX7 Toray carbon
- Fuji KT series guides (Frosted Dark Gray Alconite) for better transmission of animations and touches, coupled with “tangle-free” technology helps limit tangling on the tip
- High-end “Burl” wood handle linked to a Fuji reel seat, very ergonomic and providing a luxurious and elegant aesthetic appearance
- Side lure hook
- Assembled by hand so the working direction of the blank is respected

Tips for use

Suitable for swimming fish, soft lures and undulating spoons ranging from 2 to 7g, and spinning spoons No. 0 to No. 3 (but not more)
For streams, medium and large rivers and very occasionally in mountain lakes

detailed description

After very long months of work to find the best value for money, we are pleased to present the Origin-UL, the first fishing rod from Pyrénées Leurres&Co, assembled by hand with very good quality material.

The first prototype dates from October 2020, and has undergone numerous modifications and improvements making the quality of craftsmanship and materials accessible to all budgets. No less than 5 different assemblies on 3 blanks were necessary to carry out this ambitious project.

The Origin-UL is, as its name suggests, an Ultra-Light rod in 2-7g and with a length of 203 cm. The Rainshadow brand Blank (USA) is renowned for being a “pure action Fast”. This is a very clear advantage which is conferred by the mechanical properties of RX7 Toray carbon: it has excellent resonance allowing the slightest bite to be detected, ideal for small PN (swimming fish), spoons and soft lures. This American quality carbon also makes it possible to obtain undeniable precision in animations and when throwing.

The problem of an action that is a little too fast, and that it can be complicated to cast in crowded areas, especially under the rod. This is why we added an additional ring according to Fuji specifications: it allows you to adapt the action of the rod in order to have easier casting and increased control. It also helps to improve fishing comfort for spinning spoons that pull in the rod, while maintaining the sensitivity, resonance and precision of the PN animations, flexible and undulating!

The Fuji KT series rings are as close as possible to the blank (short rod) for better transmission of animations and touches. Their “tangle-free” technology helps limit tangling. You will feel the slightest bit of information, the lure responding immediately to your strokes. It will be easy to tell the difference between a stone and a fish!

And what sensations are heightened by this atypical set-up, from the fingerboard to the landing net. You will have a lot of fun on a 25cm fish, guaranteed effect! This flexibility during combat thus limits the number of takedowns. The taper of the blank ensures a comfortable reserve of power if necessary, without compromising the pleasure of the rushes.

The length of 203cm is versatile, allowing you to fish streams cluttered with low branches as well as wider rivers. We have tested the Origin-UL for over a year and we can proudly say that it adapts to all situations. It can also occasionally accompany you to high altitude lakes for prospecting fishing, although it would be a few centimeters short.

The power ranging from 2 to 7g will allow you to fish for trout with precision whatever the type of lure, and is suitable for use with most Pyrénées Leurres&Co products. The lightness and balance will definitely surprise you!

Concerning aesthetics, the high-end wooden handle and the Fuji reel seat ensure excellent ergonomics in its handling, and also a chic and unique appearance! Each element is different due to the grains of the wood. The finesse and elegance effect is accentuated by the metallic gold-colored rings and ligatures. A side lure hook will limit tangling of the line in the rings during transport. This rod is assembled by hand in our workshop, which allows us to respect the natural direction of the blank, thus avoiding any risk of breakage. This manual work makes each rod a little more unique, tending towards the high end.


In the event of breakage, the problem may come from:

A manufacturing defect in the carbon (air bubble, problem in the application of the resin, etc.) leading to rapid breakage
Transport if the package is damaged upon receipt (package sent with insurance)
Improper use, transportation, storage or handling by the customer.
The warranty operates on the first two cases, it is the responsibility of the carrier, the manufacturer or Pyrénées Leurres&Co. For the third case, breakage is the entire responsibility of the customer.

Advice to limit the risk of breakage:

Do not bend the blank by pinching it with your fingers; it is better to use the palm of your hand.
In case of large fish, do not force the tip. The power of the rod is linked to the butt and not the tip.
Use a resistance line adapted to the power of the rod.
Do not force the rod to try to unhook a lure. If it is necessary to cut, place the cane on the ground and grab the line in your hands to break it.
Be careful during transport (avoid shocks, move it folded to avoid door knocks)
When there are people at the fishing spot, do not place the rod on the ground to limit the risk of crushing, but rather place it vertically on yourself or on a tree.