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Blue Arc Vendetta - 2nd chance

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Fish hook

Technical characteristics

Swimming depth of 40 to 80 cm linear
Discreet noisemaker

Tips for use

Ideal for strong currents
- Upstream or ¾ upstream: linearly interspersed with breaks, especially in the current
- Downstream: reel very slowly using small strokes of the tip to shift the lure

detailed description

!!! 2nd chance product!!! Small visual or sticking defect (attenuated sound of the beads) linked to semi-artisanal manufacturing. But this poses no problem for the fish, because the swimming and resistance remain the same.

But why sell downgraded products? Why give a second chance to products with slight aesthetic defects? Because everyone benefits: fishermen with modest means (like young people for example) benefit from low prices for an equally effective lure, and this allows us to reduce our waste and therefore further limit our environmental impact. .