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Vendetta Salmon - end of series

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Fish hook

Technical characteristics

Swimming depth of 40 to 80 cm linear
Discreet noisemaker

Tips for use

Ideal for strong currents
- Upstream or ¾ upstream: linearly interspersed with breaks, especially in the current
- Downstream: reel very slowly using small strokes of the tip to shift the lure

detailed description

Lure based on a biosourced and biodegradable resin:
- EN71-3 standards (children's toys)
- REACH and ROHS certification
- Not classified as a dangerous substance for the environment

Rigorously tested in the largest rivers of the Pyrenees, the Vendetta represents the trout lure par excellence due to its ease of use and versatility. Very dense, it is easily thrown thanks to two mass transfer balls, allowing for unrivaled precision at long distances when casting. For this, we worked on 8 different weight points in order to obtain optimal balancing, making the lure swim on the descent without too much aggressiveness, the objective being to remain as natural as possible.

Two light noise balls will intrigue trout from afar, or make them react with reflex attacks! But discreetly: the noise is subtle so as not to frighten educated fish who are familiar with the lures on the market.
Designed for medium and large rivers, it holds the current perfectly with its flat sides. His swimming is smooth and he moves very easily. The Vendetta is most effective at the start of the season, when flows are high with rivers loaded with snow water. Its broad back offers a nice bite to lady fario who so much remains amorphous. A slow linear animation interspersed with pauses will decide the biggest subjects. Ideal for experienced fishermen and beginners alike thanks to the simplicity of the animation. It is also with this lure that we caught our most beautiful Garonne trout weighing over a kilo! Several of our customers have even caught salmon and sea trout! The simple strong iron hooks allow you to bring back the most beautiful subjects without risk.

With a swimming depth of 40 to 80 cm, it will pass in most cases, even at the bottom of the beach when there are only a few centimeters of water left: just raise the rod! Sinking, it descends into holes of several meters allowing real versatility at the water's edge, avoiding having to change lures at each station.

But why not do a suspension? I think that although effective, this type of lure responds to a fashion effect. And while we change lures, we don't fish! The sinking has the advantage of fishing all positions more or less deep, and there is no big difference with a suspending when setting in strong currents.

We recommend minnow colors for rivers, with glittery sides, magnificent in the sun. The effectiveness of the Vendetta in mountain lakes or plains no longer needs to be proven, with flashy, holographic, minnow and blue colors (especially for altitude). Whether at the start of the season, or later when the sun begins to rise or set over the lake, it is better to have your Vendetta in the box to fish for trout and brook salmon on the edges. The perch color will decide the beautiful predators in the plains.